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From Black & White to Color

After giving you all that history on poppies, we want to make sure you have your own to show in honor of those who served our country. Get out your red crayons and markers to color this Clifford Berryman cartoon and patent for poppies from the Archives. Download and print below to add your red, white and blue artistic flare!

It’s National Poppy Day

Since World War I, red poppies have been a globally recognized symbol of the sacrifices made by members of the military. In many countries, red poppy pins are worn in November for Veterans Day. In the U.S., our tradition is a little different. We wear red poppies on Memorial Day to honor soldiers who have given their lives in service to our nation.

In 1946, President Harry S. Truman was presented with a poppy pin to wear on Poppy Day.

President Truman served in the military himself. He enlisted in the National Guard in 1905 and continued as a member of the military until 1917.

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It’s All Fun and Games

Not so fast––school’s not out for the summer just yet, and it’s time for your history lesson. We promise it will be fun! Print out this board game to learn how laws are made and the role Congress plays in our government.


*Recommended for 7th-8th grade students

Get Coloring for Mom

Need to add some color to your Mother’s Day card? We’ve got you covered with this historical WWII poster and Clifford Kennedy Berryman cartoons you can use to spice up your cards for mom. #ColorOurCollections

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No Funny Business, Nic Cage

More than 15 years ago, America embarked on a grand treasure hunt with Benjamin Franklin Gates. In the movie “National Treasure,” Gates finds himself at the National Archives stealing one of America’s most sacred documents––the Declaration of Independence. And ever since, the most frequently asked question for the Archives gang is whether there’s a treasure map on the back of the real Declaration. Here’s your answer straight from the experts:

Have a hunch you’re related to a Founding Father or other important historical figure just like Gates? Do some investigating of your own with our downloadable family tree activity.


Caption Contest: A Flash for Fala

President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s dog Fala struck many poses during his White House career. What do you suppose he was thinking in this photo? We asked for your best submissions – stay tuned for the winner!

Countdown to Liftoff

Are you an aspiring astronaut who knows missions to the moon like the back of your hand? Put your moon boots on and try out this GIF-tastic sequencing game brought to you by historic Archives footage! Take your best shot at putting these GIFs in order of a mission to the moon, from astronaut training to blast off and landing. Put a number next to each letter and re-order these images.













And, if mazes are your space jam, download these a-MAZE-ing activities from NASA to celebrate the many accomplishments of women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

Color Me Crazy

Over the years, inventors have patented some seriously offbeat ideas. From protective goggles for chickens to robot roller coasters and one wheeled vehicles, give these ideas the fanfare they deserve by adding a splash of color. Download the Archives coloring book and get started today!

Want some more fun activities for the whole family to enjoy? We have games, puzzles and more at the National Archives Store! Our eccentric collection is ready to ship, so don’t wait weeks for your new game for family time. Shop today!

Have a Green Thumb?

If you have a knack for gardening, we encourage you to get out there and plant those seeds. But for those of us who’d rather use our minds than our thumbs, we have just the game for you. Solve these plant riddles from an 1865 book in the Archives holdings. Extra points for gardening and solving these retro riddles — grow big or go home!

The Game of Planting

The answer to each riddle will be the name of a plant, tree or flower. For example, to the question, “Plant a kiss. What will come up?” The correct answer is, “tulips.” See what we did there? Quiz your family and friends with these fun riddles!

  • 1. Plant cold weather. What will come up? Furze
  • 2. Plant a clock. What will come up? Thyme
  • 3. Plant books. What will come up? A reed
  • 4. Plant the hand. What will come up? A palm
  • 5. Plant two porcupines. What will come up? A prickly pear
  • 6. Plant a beehive. What will come up? Honeysuckle


Friday Photo Challenge

Historical photographs can tell us a lot about people and places from our past! Can you put your thinking cap on and analyze the who, what, when and where of this photograph of Alison Turnbull Hopkins? Download the worksheet below to help get you started then click on the image and complete this week’s challenge!

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Or complete the online version on DocsTeach!

National Archives & Records Administration Photograph 306-N-70-2641

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