Online Initiatives


DocsTeach is an interactive website and a free app for the Apple iPad that features thousands of documents from the National Archives records, as well as tools that encourage users to interact with and learn more about those records, making it the perfect online history resource for students and teachers.

Seven tools featured on DocsTeach are designed to teach specific historical thinking skills, including weighing evidence, interpreting data, and focusing on details. Each employs interactive components such as puzzles, scales, maps, and flowcharts that teachers and students can tailor to their needs.

In the classroom, educators have access to National Archives records and can browse or search for primary source documents, customize activities to fit the needs of a unique group of students, create a new history lesson plan and activity with its own web address, and save and organize activities in an account to share with students. After participating in an activity, DocsTeach allows students to submit their work to their teacher via email.

For learning American history, there is no better resource!

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DocsTeach is made possible in part by the National Archives Foundation through the support of Texas Instruments, the William Randolph Hearst Foundation and Capital One.