Civic Season

Civic Season is here – it’s time to rewind, reflect, and reimagine.

History shows us that it’s our responsibility to strengthen and sustain democracy— not only during elections, but through year-round rituals of engaged citizenship. This past year’s challenges pushed us to imagine a new kind of tradition that more deeply connects us with our communities, our nation, and with the meaning and spirit of our founding values in the present.

This inaugural Civic Season, we’re joining the nation’s history institutions and the next generation in inviting YOU to connect with our past, take action in the present, and shape the future. As we build towards the nation’s 250th anniversary, just 5 years away, the Civic Season reaches beyond civic responsibility to cultivate civic opportunity, with changes to pitch in, take part, and help write the next chapter of our history.

Kicking off Flag Day (June 14), ramping up as we approach Juneteenth (June 19) and culminating after Independence Day (July 4), explore the past and take action in the present, tied to the interests and issues that matter most to YOU.