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National Archives Foundation Launches New Women Focused Fund

March 1, 2021

WASHINGTON, D.C. –  Today, the National Archives Foundation celebrates Women’s History Month by launching the Rightfully Hers Fund to support and encourage research, public programs, exhibitions, and educational materials focussing on the impactful narrative of American women as found in the records of the National Archives.

 “As a journalist, I know that stories of pioneers and trail-blazers can inspire and change the world,” said National Archives Foundation Board member Soledad O’Brien. “The chronicles of our American history are full of such stories about women who faced great moments of adversity with the courage to change the world and had a major role in doing so,” O’Brien added.

The Archives contains well-known and some of the lesser-known stories of past heroines, this new fund will bring to light the roles of a diverse number of women who made positive contributions in our nation’s struggles.

A generous member of the National Archives Foundation has offered to match dollar-for-dollar the first $20,000 donated to the fund.


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