Presidential Conference Center

Named after four of our Founding Fathers, the rooms of the Presidential Conference Center are elegantly adorned with facsimiles of records from the National Archives relating to each of their presidencies. Each space is equipped with built-in projectors and screens. They are also internet accessible, and can be set up for teleconferencing. These rooms may be used during public hours or for evening events.

Jefferson Conference Room

As the largest Presidential Conference Room, the Jefferson Room is ideal for hosting lectures, meetings, or conferences. It can accommodate up to 65 people in a theater-style set-up, or 45 people in a board room set-up.

Washington Conference Room

The Washington Room is suitable for lectures, meetings, or conferences and is capable of accommodating up to 60 people for a theater-style set-up or 40 people for a board room set-up.

Adams Conference Room

The Adams Room can accommodate up to 20 people for a board room set-up or 30 people for a lecture or presentation.

Madison Conference Room

Suitable for more intimate engagements, the Madison Room can accommodate up to 20 people for a lecture or 15 people for a board room set-up.

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Jefferson Room

Ideal for luncheons or meetings held in conjunction with a lecture, tour, reception, or dinner