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6 Big Ideas in the U.S. Constitution

Dates: March 25 and 30
Location: Online

The Center for Legislative Archives at the National Archives and the National Archives Foundation to provide free online civics workshop that walks you through how to teach the 6 Big Ideas in the U.S. Constitution both online and in the classroom.

The training will be open to middle school and high school level educators.

Informed and active participation in civic life is rooted in understanding the design of the government and how it works. Led by the Center for Legislative Archives Outreach Supervisor Charles Flanagan, the curriculum focuses on teaching the foundational principles that shape the Constitution and the institutions that bring its design to life. Thus, students learn the significance of the guiding principles of our nation’s framing document and the importance of participatory government it creates and reinforces.

Register below today and reserve your spot! Each session will run approximately 60 minutes.

To help us better understand your needs, we invite you to take this brief civics survey.


6 Big Ideas in the U.S. Constitution is presented in part by the National Archives Foundation through the generous support of